Research Overview

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The Tahara research group, launched at GPU in April 2019, spans pharmaceutical formulation design, drug delivery systems (DDS), and manufacturing process intensification in relation to particle/fiber engineering and powder technology. We work on non-invasive, patient-friendly formulation design, and DDS nanotechnology for gene therapy. We also focus on orphan drug development and regenerative medicine. Our other main research interests include tailor-made pharmaceutical formulations for personalized medicine. We also develop emerging pharmaceutical production processes such as continuous manufacturing and on-demand production. We are also actively engaging in joint research with research institutes, industries, and hospitals to translate research data to practical use.


We are looking for highly motivated students and research fellows interested in our research. The Tahara laboratory is recruiting students, technical assistants, and postdoctoral fellows. Pharmaceutical science connects medicines with patients, but you do not need a pharmacy background to work in the area. If you are interested in joining our laboratory, please email Professor Tahara (


The Tahara research group covers pharmaceutical formulation design, DDS, and manufacturing process intensification with respect to particle/fiber engineering and powder technology.

Research on non-invasive DDS utilizing nano-drug carriers

Research on non-invasive DDS using nano-drug carriers

 Particle/formulation design for improved drug bioavailability

Particle/formulation design for improved drug bioavailability

Development ofintegrated pharmaceutical continuous production system

Development of an integrated pharmaceutical continuous production system

Research for the realization of personalized pharmaceutical formulations

Research on personalized pharmaceutical formulations


Our laboratories have state of the art instrumentation for pharmaceutical formulation design and evaluation.